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Saturday, 4 February 2017

I Like Playing In Bars

I like playing in bars, yes I do
I like singing songs about me to people like you
If heaven is a place on Earth
It's a dimly lit bar where beer is served
By an angel of a waitress in a low-cut shirt

I like singing for beer up here on stage
I get more free beer than I could buy if I even got paid
I love a hard-drinking crowd
'Cos the more that you drink then the better I sound
And what the hell else am I gonna do anyway?

They say that life on the road is good for the soul
My leather-skinned, dog-eared, weather-worn excuse for a soul
It's been out in the sun too long
I'd sell it again for the sake of a song
But the devil wouldn't even wear mine to mow his lawn

I'm glad I ain't no fat-cat, stock-market CEO
Even though girls like guys with a little bit of dough
I wanna take the waitress home
She's laughing 'cos I couldn't and I'm sad that I won't
Still I'm glad I ain't no fat-cat CEO

'Cos being poor is something that you get used to
And travlin' with a hangover is something that you can live through
Did I mention as well
That I got CD's and  a T-shirt to sell?
Buy one for your girlfriend and one for yourself

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