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Monday, 25 August 2014


This land was just dust
Until them fat boys came and claimed it, built it all up
Made it shine like a crown
That won't fit anybody ten years from now
I've never loved anything less
These roads are like snakes in an eagle's nest
I ain't always winning my fight
But as long as I ain't laying concrete I'm alright

I put on my greens
They told me I was the bravest, strongest soldier they'd seen
But under this still, Western sky
I can't hear their praise over my screams in the moonlight
I've never loved anything less
So from now that's how I gauge my happiness
I still can't sleep at night
But as long as I ain't high on gunfire I'm alright

I'm skinny as a twig
Because I work hard all day and food is expensive
But them fat boys at the top
Don't know nothing of the happiness I got
I've never heard of anything worse
Than happiness bench-marked by the leaders of commerce
Sometimes I struggle to get by
But as long as I ain't buying what they're selling I'm alright