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Thursday, 20 February 2014

Some Things Are Worth Dying Young For (The Ballad of Scarlet Fever)

Her hair's so red they call her Scarlet Fever
And, oh god, boys, if you'd had seen her
You'd have slapped my back and bought me beers all night
Her legs go on forever like a whiskey river
With an anklet made out of gypsy silver
That shimmers like her toenail-varnish in the dim bar light

She's got eyes like a wildcat that's starved for a month
She can hollow your legs with just one whip of her tongue
She can kill you where you stand, bury you there under the floor
She holds her room key up like a knife to the throat
Of the Moon with Its reason saying "Kid, don't go"
But some things in life are worth dying young for

Her skirt is leather and as short as her temper
She can't sit still, she got this lust for adventure
And everything she does she does it just for the thrill
She drives 'round drunk on them winding side roads
Smoking something heavy with her head out the window
Headlights off at night telling you to take the wheel

And you kinda hope she goes off the road
That she loses it there on the bend
'Cos in the flames of the wreckage like a fiery Heaven
With her's about as good as it gets

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