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Friday, 21 February 2014

Before the Sun had Made the Morning

She'd wake up in the darkness
before the Sun had made the morning
She'd move the blankets softly
to keep her husband from stirring
And she'd slip on her coat

She'd be sure to put the hood up
'cos the morning rain was freezing
And she'd walk up to the main road
where the mist and her breathing
Would almost be the same

She'd stand there at the bus stop
drawing hearts in the condensation
Board the bus without expression
Ask to be dropped at the train station
She'd take a seat and stare at her shoes

When she'd get out at the station
She'd go the way she always goes
To the platform where the 6.04
Would take her to the coast
She'd watch the Sun rise through the train window

She'd stand out on the cliff edge
watch the white waves hit the rocks
Get up on her tip-toes
take her coat off
But the water looked so cold

Shed close her eyelids tight and see the face of her daughter
Hold her breath and think of being underwater
Start flailing her arms as if she's clinging to the surface
Floating back up to her life and it's absence of purpose

She'd put on her coat
And take herself home

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