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Monday, 12 August 2013

Stormed the White House

you lived out at Main St
in a one bed by yourself
Amnesty posters on the walls
and comic books on the shelf
you wouldn't listen
when your friends told you to move
when every night outside your house
you'd see that black saloon

we broke down and cried
when we got that call
we thought the doctor had lied
it wasn't possible
'cos you told us what they did
and exactly what they'd do
you're keeping their secrets now
and they're doing the same for you

but you wouldn't go quiet
the whole thing hit the news
they tried to make a press release
but everybody knew ;)
so we gathered up our picket boards
and we gathered up our signs
we all made our way to Washington
and stood outside

and the police refused to take our names
the army refused to shoot us down
and everybody in that crowd
stormed the White House

and we cheered your name
we cheered your name
the night
it all went up in flames