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Saturday, 29 December 2012

Just In Case I Kill Myself In The Morning

Hey girl, I know you're getting married
Oh God, I know
I also know that you don't want to hear this
But even so
I want you to know what you have meant to me
For seven years I lived my life by yours
If happines is ever anything that anybody owns
I hope that if it is anyone's it's yours

When I think back now to all the hearts I've broken
If there was anyone that I'm proud of
Manipulating into love, or something like it
Mind-fucking the shit out of
It'd be you
You'd be the one
But as I sit here writing this song, what, like 10 years later
I wonder to myself, who really won?

I'm pretty sure, that I ain't in your thoughts no more
It's been a while now since we've even spoke
But just in case I kill myself in the morning
I want you to know you'd make the note

Well I don't know quite how you'll get to read it
Hell, I don't know if anybody will
I'll keep it buried down now like a coward, clown and fool
Convince myself that none of it was real

So here, here comes the bride
All laced up in a white
A smile two miles long, her eye whites bright and her pupils glowing
Staring out at the rest of her life