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Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Headin' North

I work under bridges
Tryin' to keep my head out of the rain
The cheapest tricks on Highway 6
No holds barred, no shame
I go and get loaded
At the end of every shift
Climbing the walls with these petty criminals
Planning for something big

Got family two states over
A kid that I'm s'pose to support
Got myself into some trouble
And since then I've just kept headin' North
Now in every train window
When it's dark I see his face
And I pray to the Lord I could stop headin' North
And hold my son in my embrace

But as it is all I'm holding
Is this black Colt .45
And the hope that it ain't got too late
To make it out of this bank alive
But the counter glass has risen
And I know the cops are already outside
So I hold the barrel up cold to my temple
And whisper good-bye to my child


  1. Hey, Mr Prolific, nice work. It got a tune?

  2. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  3. Yes it do. I was gonna play it to you tonight... internationally. But instead i shall have to describe it. Basically, if Springsteen could finger-pick as good as me this song would be on Nebraska.

  4. yes the best painkiller suicide but the best pain bringer to those left aside... i like the poetry real stuff man

    Landon mathew