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Saturday, 29 December 2012

Just In Case I Kill Myself In The Morning

Hey girl, I know you're getting married
Oh God, I know
I also know that you don't want to hear this
But even so
I want you to know what you have meant to me
For seven years I lived my life by yours
If happines is ever anything that anybody owns
I hope that if it is anyone's it's yours

When I think back now to all the hearts I've broken
If there was anyone that I'm proud of
Manipulating into love, or something like it
Mind-fucking the shit out of
It'd be you
You'd be the one
But as I sit here writing this song, what, like 10 years later
I wonder to myself, who really won?

I'm pretty sure, that I ain't in your thoughts no more
It's been a while now since we've even spoke
But just in case I kill myself in the morning
I want you to know you'd make the note

Well I don't know quite how you'll get to read it
Hell, I don't know if anybody will
I'll keep it buried down now like a coward, clown and fool
Convince myself that none of it was real

So here, here comes the bride
All laced up in a white
A smile two miles long, her eye whites bright and her pupils glowing
Staring out at the rest of her life

Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Headin' North

I work under bridges
Tryin' to keep my head out of the rain
The cheapest tricks on Highway 6
No holds barred, no shame
I go and get loaded
At the end of every shift
Climbing the walls with these petty criminals
Planning for something big

Got family two states over
A kid that I'm s'pose to support
Got myself into some trouble
And since then I've just kept headin' North
Now in every train window
When it's dark I see his face
And I pray to the Lord I could stop headin' North
And hold my son in my embrace

But as it is all I'm holding
Is this black Colt .45
And the hope that it ain't got too late
To make it out of this bank alive
But the counter glass has risen
And I know the cops are already outside
So I hold the barrel up cold to my temple
And whisper good-bye to my child

Saturday, 22 September 2012

Time to move South

I was as hammered as an old nail smoking outside of a bar
When a girl walks up to me with my name tattooed on her arm
She said, "There are people in this life, boy, that were born to do you harm
And I won't let you down".

She took me to where she was staying North of the 401.
She kicked off her boots, took off her shirt, laid down her gun,
Said, "Can I pour you out a whisky, boy? I was gonna pour me one",
Then she laid me down.

I was woken by the desk-clerk of the motel the next day
Telling me the girl was gone and she'd said I would pay.
Then the guy bust through the door before I'd had a chance to say,
"If you bust through that door I'll shoot you down".

I found me a run-down diner where I could eat something
That would calm my nerves, line my stomach, soak up last night's drink.
Had the redhead waitress bring me coffee, home-fries, steak and eggs
And, God, I wolfed it down

I've always liked to move around, I get tired if I stay still
And maybe it's the rate I'll get from dollar to real
Or maybe it's the desk-clerk that someone's gonna find killed
But I think it's time to move South

Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Watered-down Whisky

I was sitting in a bar. A strip joint, full of Eastern European imports. The beautiful kind that let you fall in love. They get real close, staring with those big, brown eyes, like you got something they want. And you do.

Well, when I had run out of what they wanted, that is, when I had gone broke, when I had finally lost their affection, I was alone.

I said, "Waitress, tonight I know hate.
You've been bringing me watered-down whisky all night did you think that I couldn't taste?
The whisky I been sippin' is what I could be tippin' to the girls that are strippin' on stage".
And in just one blink of her eyes, I lifted my whisky on ice
And I smashed that glass right in her face.

 I moved over to the bar.

I said, "Barman, tonight I know hate.
You been selling me watered-down whisky all night, did you think that I couldn't taste?
The whisky I been sippin' is what I could be tippin' to the girls that are strippin' on stage".
And in just one beat of his heart, I took the bottle from behind the bar
And I smashed that bottle hard right in his face.

Them Eastern Europeans hadn't even stopped dancing. The other patrons couldn't hear me over the music, and though they must have seen me in the reflections of those big, brown eyes, they were in love, and they had money, and that was all. So I went outside.

I said, "Bouncer, could you hail me a cab?
I'm an easy-going man and it's rowdy in there so I've decided to settle my tab.
There's a guy who's gettin' fisty with the waitress 'bout the whisky, my suspicion is he'll get out of hand".
And on the side of the road in the night, the bouncer held my door and said a pleasant good-bye
Just as the owner came out running to profanely tell the bouncer the facts.


I said, "Driver, how fast can you drive?
I got a situation unfolding and I'm scared for my life.
I got a fifty in my pocket with your name on, if you want it put your foot down and throw this thing into drive".
Well that car moved pretty damn fast, and once we'd made it to the overpass
I jumped out whilst it was still moving 'cause when I'd said that I had money I had lied.