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Thursday, 10 March 2011

Walk Like A Man

We've got nothing left to say
Except - are you gonna have that baby?
Well, that's OK.
Just know, I ain't sticking around -
I need to get out -
I don't need no baby to hold me down.
I got a job now
In some other town,
But I hope everything for you and your new kid works out.

Maybe you could re-marry.
You're a pretty girl and you're smart and you care too much,
And what is love if it's not just someone caring too much?
Lord knows I ain't a lover.
Lord knows I ain't much.
Lord have mercy on you
If you believed I could love.

Who needs a dad anyway?
I got on alright, made my own way -
I did OK.
I just can't stick around,
I always need to get out.
I'll do anything you ask
Just don't ask me to stick around.

Oh, Baby, don't cry...

...Yes, I can hear what I'm saying...

...So I ain't great, well, nor are you and nor's this kid and fuck you
And fuck me if I'm staying.

If it makes you happy, things ain't worked out so well;
I've been knocked down and stamped on everywhere I've been,
I've been kicked out of every hole that I've tried to crawl in,
I've been starved of love, money, clothes, food and friends,
Now I'm broke in a land with a language I don't understand,
And I've been beaten into knowing what it is how to walk like a man.
I just can't.
I just can't.

I know there's no room for me where you are now.
It don't matter anyhow,
I'm still no good at sticking around.
But if you promise that my boy learns how to walk like a man,
I promise you'll never hear from me again.


  1. Mr German, it's been too long since I saw you, and far too long since I heard you sing. Hope to put both right soon. x

  2. This was fantastic.

    Your words, my God.

  3. I wish there was just an inane "Like" button to press for this. I really have no words to add. Your words just flow.

  4. Just found your blog, Dan - Your words are fantastic. I loved this.