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Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Vagabond Cafe

Refuse to sit 'round, darkened down, waiting to ignite
So we hit the road with open souls and we set this world alight.
I ain't feeling bleak no more so if you're feeling alright
There's glory in a homeless life.

You live just to be remembered.
I've forgotten what I'm living for.
Everywhere we go you're forgotten now
And I ain't even noticed no more.
We're nothing but the bubbles in our glasses,
Tasteless and rising through the sweet.
Leaving nothing behind us. You can't
See where a bubble has been.
For every stain on our shirts there's a story,
And this is where stories are shared;
Every tale lived leaves a scar and just like
Veterans we sit 'round and compare

A vagabond cocktail at the Pink Cafe,
Constellations stay the same whilst the faces start to change.
In one pair of eyes there was something to explain
And staring straight back was the heartbreak and pain.
There were menus all torn and worn down at the edge.
We dress with desire though nobody's impressed.
I ain't feeling bleak no more and if you're feeling alright
There's glory in a homeless life.

Dreams are made of cloud but
The sky is blowing through fast,
Swept out on the wind now it's all just
Memories of my rootless past.
Memories are made of gold
And gold is easily found. You can
Sell any stranger your memories but
You can't put a price on a cloud.

Now we live for the streets,
For life and a better understanding.
This life's got me beat
But I'm still standing!
Golden leaves are blowing
Where tumbleweeds have rolled.
There's glory on the rippled mind
Of the wave that stays afloat.

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