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Friday, 5 November 2010

Johnny, Come Home...

I never met someone with so much inside himself to fight about
He had one voice saying, "Come in", whilst another one says, "Get out"
He had one voice saying, "Stand up for yourself, man", another one said, "Sit down"
Too many voices for one man to have to drown out

I'm sorry that I hit you, Johnny, and I'm sorry you stabbed me
Doctor says if it happens again, next time he ain't gonna save me
And heaven's already said that it ain't gonna take me
Well, I told God to fuck himself and, oh Johnny, I wish you'd had seen

I know that you're walking right now bow-legged through heaven
In snake-skin boots with a girl on your arm your drug abuse impresses
And wings on your back that you snapped off an angel you robbed
I'd ask you why, but you'd only say "Because"

There's scars on my face and broken bottles 'round this place that still remind me of him
And if he came back through that door right now I'd only tell him to get out again
I got one keg left in this mess that we ain't drunken dry
I'm gonna drink it dry
Like the old times

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