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Thursday, 21 October 2010

Beautiful, Go

I don't care what people say
Loving and losing ain't that great
And I don't even hear what lovers say
None of them are ever gonna stay

I know you'll do what you will
It don't matter how I feel
Well, I feel like pouring my glasses tall
I feel like ending it all

'Cos this is one I won't get past, but you should go and not look back
'Cos you're gonna be happy now and I want that
So, Beautiful, go and don't look back

And if one day you wonder of me
Don't look back 'cos I don't want you to see
My cold, dead hands around a bottle of Absynthe
And your face burned into the back of my cold, dead eye-lids
And the gunsmoke rising up like the ghost that I am
So, Beautiful, go
And don't look back

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