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Thursday, 21 October 2010

Among the Beasts

There's a tiny little stage
Hidden in Holloway
Where mostly beasts and demons play
I ain't never known god
But I know he's been here because
He's left two angels in his wake
And I'll tell you their names
The first one's named Dan Cook
And the second's Rosie May

Now if god said join the revolution
You'd think something big was coming
And you'd be right
When I heard Cook & The Case
And when I first saw Rosie May
I swear I thought I'd died
And I wasn't even sad
So here's to Cook & The Case
And Rosie May's band

Here among the beasts we lie and cheat
But from the ashes of an art
Two phoenixes rise
Like gunsmoke
From the barrel of the gun of song
Locked and loaded by god
And aimed this way
One bullet for Daniel Cook
And one for Rosie May


  1. Haha that's brilliant! Can't wait to hear it. Be the first time I've seen the words before hearing the song.

  2. i love it! altho it sort of sounds like u wana kills us??? but hey bring it on, as phill said its actually wicked to read lyrics b4 hearing a song!! i can picture it so will be cool to see if its how i imagin!!

  3. LOVE THIS! So excited to hear the tuuune :) xxxx